Automated video on-boarding

Identify and verify your customer’s identity in a few minutes through a video chatbot


Provide your customers a fully automated and digital experience for their on-boarding journey using our one-of-a-kind video-bot.


Online customer verification is usually frustrating as it is cumbersome and requires the customer to register during opening hours and as it is limited to only a few languages.


Our automated video on-boarding solution offers a global 24/7 verification process in over 100 languages.

Our benefits

One-of-a-kind user experience

Your customer simply answers question asked by our robot.

Worldwide coverage

Our technology verifies ID documents such as Passports, National IDs, Driving Licences in 170+ countries.

Safe and secure

We use state-of-the-art technology that allows us to secure our environment and provide a reliable, safe and secure experience.


Available on desktop, Android and iOS.

Easy to implement

Our solution integrates seamlessly into your mobile and desktop flows.

Reduce churn

Unlock conversion rates by eliminating lengthy customer verification.

Reduce fraud risk

Customer video is recorded allowing a full compliance review of entire session. Our tool applies fraud checks to detect forged document and matches customer selfie with ID document photo.

1. Questionnaire

Our video-bot request relevant customer information.

2. ID verification

Customer is requested to show ID document to extract relevant information and detect forged documents.

3. Residence verification

Customer is requested to show location document allowing you to verify customer residence.

4. Profile verification

Our chat bot snaps customer face and matches it with the picture on the ID document.

5. Welcome on board!

Your customer spent a few minutes to chat with our bot and you have on-boarded your customer.

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