Name screening

Screen your customers against Sanctions/PEP lists in real-time and batch


Screen your customers against Sanctions, PEP and Private lists with efficient case management system to reduce operational challenges.


Customer name screening process often generates lots of irrelevant alerts that significantly impacts the operations.


Our proprietary solution uses cutting-edge technology and innovative screening rules to reduce the operational impacts.

Our benefits

Sanction and PEP lists

algoreg is the partner of a main provider of sanctions and PEP lists that contains 3+ million names globally with completeness of the officials lists of sanctioned names.


Our screening module is easily configurable by our customer and does not require our intervention to amend screening logics and auto-dismissal rules.

Multiple languages and alphabets

Our solution supports most languages and alphabets in the world so that the coverage for the screening is global.

SaaS Deployment

Our screening module can be easily deployed in a SaaS mode.

Instant and batch screening

Our API allows you to easily setup screening programs that fits your business.


We use state-of-the-art technology that allows us to secure our environment and provide a reliable, safe and secure experience.

1. Name screening

The system screens your customers against sanctions, PEP and private lists.

2. Instant results

If there are name at risk, you will be immediately reported.

3. Profile verification

The alerts are made available in our case management for a proper review and documentation.

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